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Jacqui Scott – keen fisherwoman

90 Mile Beach: Untouched Beauty
We purchased a beautiful block of land in Golden Beach over 7 years ago as a holiday spot to escape the hustle and bustle of Melbourne life.  It was one of the most beautiful, magical places I had ever seen, so pristine and untouched with an abundance of wildlife and marine life, not to mention a wonderful community.

Within the year, I decided to pack up my things and move to Golden Beach/Paradise Beach to raise my children.  Twice a year I love watching the humpback whales migrate through, watching the dolphins ride the waves and the seals come ashore to bask.

I discovered a great passion for surf fishing and became a part of the vast angling community.  I spend my spare time enjoying the beach, discovering all its wonders and chatting with visitors from all over the globe who come here to admire its beauty.

Seismic Shock:
I was shocked and confused when I first heard about CCS via a leaflet that arrived in the mail regarding the seismic testing.  I had never heard of a seismic survey or carbon capture and storage.  The leaflet was so brief and vague; I endeavoured to find out as much as I could.

We were told they were coming in about a month to start the testing and there was nothing we could do about it.  No one seemed to know much about it.  Carbon Net whizzed in with a seemingly rushed pop up session where we were told we wouldn’t even know the seismic ship was there unless we saw it, and that the risks were minimal.  I wondered why they were going ahead if there was any risk at all?

My community and I soon discovered that the seismic testing was more than we were told it would be.  We felt it and heard it in our homes.  People in our community fell ill and I noticed a negative impact on our abundant wildlife- birds vanished and an unusual amount of dead marine life washed ashore.

The testing has made me feel very uneasy.  I continue to fear the effects from this test on the marine life in the near and distant future such as interruptions to fish breeding cycles and the destruction of larvae.

Carbon Capture and Storage Concerns:
The experts say the project will work ‘in principal’. That’s not good enough for me. I believe that the risks outweigh the potential benefit of the project. Given that CCS technology is widely acceptable as not being economically viable, environmentally risky and inferior to renewable energy technologies, why is this project even being considered?

I am concerned about the potential for this project to cause environmental damage, particularly as CCS has never been successful at this scale before.  I feel that by pursuing this project, the government has deemed our safety and future as insignificant.