Dear Resident,


We are writing this letter to all residents to ensure they are aware of current Federal Government plans in process for Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) in the Gippsland Basin Victoria.

CCS involves the capture of Co2 emissions released by industrial processes, compressing the Co2, then transporting it to an injection site underground for storage. The current injection site being investigated is offshore Gippsland Basin at Golden Beach in Victoria, Australia.


Community concerns of this have been significant:

  • Significant economic, social and liability risks to the community through CCS deployment
  • Compromise of the primary dune barrier for pipeline infrastructure
  • The immense amount of taxpayer funding already committed on failed new coal projects to utilise this costly technology
  • The failure of government to proactively invest in renewable energy options
  • Leakage of Co2 into the ocean can increase acidification of the sea, affecting sealife


In response to the CCS project and concerns, the local community have formed the ‘Ninety Mile Beach Action Group Against Carbon Storage’. The Action Group is currently advocating for improved consultation and project accountability from local Council, State and Federal governments. We will stand for the preservation of the Ninety Mile Beach, considered to be one of the most natural and un-spoilt beaches in the world and as a group, our aim is to fight to keep it this way.


If you would like to know more about this project, or if you would like to help, please see the Facebook page (below) or contact one of our committee members:


Erin Foster:      mobile 0499 880 962 or email

Karen Vogel:   mobile 431 297 872 or email


Any assistance or ideas you may have are most appreciated.